by torah nevayaktewa

everything was great between us i loved you more than anything you gave me life how did it all of a sudden change?
you hit me for your personal problems they had nothing to do with me i cant believe you how can any mother beat their child the way you beat me.
the tears scrars and heart ache it lingers with me everywhere i go,
i try to forget but it seems like the more i try i remember ever swing and everything youve told me.
you told me you would never hit me you said you loved me, you went back on your word.
i cry myself to sleep knowing i dont want anything to do with you.
i have a daughter thats never going to know her grandmother because i fear you might beat on her as well.
i wish i had the strength to put you in jail but it seems that its too hard i mean how can anyone put their own mother in jail.
because of you i have a scar that isnt visible by others but by me.
i hate you for everything youve done to me.
i pray i never turn out like you!

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