Where You Really There?

by Pato
(Washington State)

Were you really there God,
While that little girl was used?
Did you really cry,
Every time that she was bruised?
Did you wrap her in your arms,
While she felt like dirt?
Where you with that little girl,
Whenever she was hurt?
Then why didn’t you stop it?
Why did you let it start?
Did you really care,
That it would tear her world apart?
You had the power to keep her safe,
Instead you let her die.
She was just a little girl.
Wont you tell me why?

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Jan 18, 2013
I understand NEW
by: Kaylee

I love your poem. It reminded me of my little sister. She would have been 7 years old this January 13th, but she is dead...beaten to death...that man has no right to be called a father. He isn't even a man. I dispise abusers. They deserve hell. My sister will always be in my heart. And one day...he's gonna regret beating a 6 year old to death...
Hang in there...what goes around comes around. And i pray to God that for all those who abuse children and women it comes back 100 times worse for you.

Apr 26, 2010
by: Anonymous


Feb 21, 2009
really sad
by: Anonymous

that was a really sad poem, now i'll be depressed for weeks,months years maybey. Anyway everyone whos gonna read that poem get a tissue ready

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