What Really Happened

by Lisa Lee

He is stumbling around the house moaning my name
The floor boards are creaking
Closer and closer towards my bedroom door
I hide under my covers trying to stay quiet
My heart stops and misses a beat as the door swings open
I hear him coming closer as I am lying on my bed
He gets on top of me holding me down
He has a smile on his face
Nothing will stop him now
I’d do anything to loosen his grip
He’s hurting me so bad but will not let me go
Day’s weeks months go by
The shame just keeps on getting worse
Day after day it’s so hard to hide this pain
I can still feel him touching me, grabbing me
Forcing my body closer to his
The feeling of his cold fingers all over my body
Every day I constantly try to wash away from my scarred skin
You are the reason why I love too easily
Why I cannot love at all
Because I trusted you
I don’t want to kill myself
I just want to die
God why have you abandoned me?
Can you not see the tears that I cry

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