We meet him by MSN he was my friends boyfriend

by Jade

My friend Sarah had been chatting to this guy for a few months over msn she got him of a chat room. She told me that she wanted me to met him she told me how nice he was and that she had already met him. That was a LIE!The next day we were waiting at the train station for them two guys came over in black and gold hoodies with caps pulled over there nose. They looked nothing like the picture. We were walking round town and Charlie and Liam kept whispering and go is there any where round here that is quiet so we can rape you. thinking they were joking we went down to the park that is miles long and got a wood at the back. We all sat down and they got out cans of beer from there bags they were true alcholics they would only drink beer everyday all day. One pulled out a knife. They got out fags (cigarettes) and Liam sat next to katie and started kissing her boyfriend and girlfriend no wander but his mate charlie came on to me he put his fag in my mouth and forced me to smoke. He was rubbing his knife up and down my back at the time and he started open beer cans and holding my neck he poured it down my throat. I was lieing on the floor choking from the beer he moved his hands down my body making noise. Trying to push him off he started moaning and told Liam that me and Sarah were going home with them and were goig back there. I shouted and told them i was going back with them and Sarah was like you pussy and they were looking at me i had to pick my litle sister up later they werent having it. Liam walked over to me and pointed the knife at me again and asked me if i wanted to get it now or later. i pushed him thinking he was being stupid and he punched me round the face 4 times with Sarah and Charlie just watching. He picked me up and walked down the road with his hand up the back of my top with his knife. We got on to the next train. Got back to there and it was covered in empty beer crates and bottles knee high. Sarah and liam went off in the other room leaving me with charlie. He got close and started moving his hands up my dress. He took off my clothes and reached for his drawers. i was crying and pushing him off he was too strong. i was 13 years old he was 19. More of his mates kept arricing and joined in with the assult. they were all going to a party that night and wanted me to come to. They kept threating me and took away my clothes. turned the music up so neighbours wouldnt here me and closed all the curtains they repeated it through out the day by random strangers. They feeling was sickening. They gave me the clothes back and began beating and telling me if i told anyone it would be worse. Still to this day what happened to me is secret.

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