Wasted Love

by kim

I am so angry that I wasted all my love on people that absolutely can not love me back. Family, what a joke. I am all I have. It is up to me to nurture, respect, and love myself for all that I am and can be. The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit are my examples of True Love and True Living. The pain and loneliness the abuses caused me are subsiding and I am becoming my friend, my best friend. I have made many pledges in my life but this pledge is for me, for me to live, love and be whole and happy for the rest of my days. Never again will I allow anyone to rob me of experiencing the beauty and wonder of Living my happy Life. I pledge to live each day filled with joy, peace and the happiness that was, is and will always be my God given right. My abuse and my abuser don't matter, in fact, they never did and they never will matter, again. I will never give them the satisfaction of having any power over my life. I forgive them all, even thought it is not wanted or accepted. I accepted it, and I give myself forgiveness for carrying their nasty, hateful burdens. Wow! They have a hard road to tow. Their own hate and misery somehow spilled over into my life, but never again. Hate and Misery will have to stay where they belong, with my abusers. I know it is a bitter pill for them to swallow, but as they say, they made this bed and they will have to lay in it. May they all seek reconciliation with God through the rebirth and repentance Christ Jesus allows for humanity. May they not mess out on such a great salvation that comes from being born again, of Water and Spirit. May they know the Love of our Great God and Father in Heaven. May they have the peace that passes all understanding in Christ Jesus My Lord,Savior, Redeemer and Deliverer. I feel sorry that they live in darkness and have to live with the stench and disgust of their horrendous actions.

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