very helpful and enlightening

by gabreal boyd
(cincinnati,oh usa)

was well fiancee and i are kinda in a rut bout sex.and mostly intimacy.i just dont know how to open up i feel i try very hard and to no was nice to get on here and read everything.i feel like im not alone and unique and weird.i felt as if ive been scarred permantly,but im going to try the art therepy.i dabble now anyways with art but as i read the page on it i thought of how i have an obsession with painting eyes.i thought it was cause i like egyptian stuff but u know,after thinking bout it i relized when i think of my abuser thats all i see is his grey eyes.they haunt me still. and now im wondering if sub-consciencely im drawing them?i dont know but i cried to read some of this stuff b/c for once someone understands.and to read bout how we resent parents for not protecting us and resenting younger siblings but still tryn to protect them,i swear i thought u heard my story and wrote it.i balled...i just want to thank you for a wonderful page .im going look more later.i have it as a favorite..thank you and have a blessed day

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