by Charlotte Hale
(Port Colborne, On)

Battered, beaten, broken
As i look in the mirror, blood
drips, my face face sliced opened
Worn, withering, weeping
I thought about killing him
while he was sleeping
Damaged, Desperate, Dying
When will I leave?
Will I ever stop crying?
Hurt, hanging on, hungover
I have to get out because I want
to live and be sober
Ashamed, anguished, alone
How will I ever make it on my own?

Beautiful, better, blessed
I left, I struggled but got away
from him and that mess
Safe, serene, stronger
What would have happened if
I stayed any longer?
Hopeful, Happy, Healthy
Why did I ever believe, on my own,
that I could't be wealthy?
Powerful, pleased, proud
You can't see the sun with a "man"
standing in your way like a dark cloud
Recovered, rejuvinated, rejoiced
Don't ever thing that you don't have a choice.

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