by Angel Bryant
(South Carolina)

I lay awake late at night wondering if he will show. When he does I pretend to be asleep. Not a peep nor word cry nor scream can escape my mouth. For the fear she will hear and my death be near.

Daddy's are supposed to love their little girls. Is this what love feels like is it supposed to hurt and make me want to cry? Should it leave me with the feeling of wanting to die.

Now years have gone by and the scars still show. All grown up and still cant hide the feeling. Maybe one day the one will come, the one to show me how love is really supposed to feel. No pain no tears no feeling of disgrace.

Oh lord when will I find my place? You have saved me from death when it was oh so close but yet I still have no place to call my home.I trust and believe you will show the way. For truth be told you have never turned away.

At night when I sleep I see your sweet face and know my day will come, the day I find my place. Times have been hard they have never been easy. But with you by side I have a reason to keep living.

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