by alicia
(brunswick, ga)

The bruises no one but my best friend ever cared to see, the tears that til this day are still apart of me, skin thats missing from me the laughter you got from my pain , god why am i living in so much vein, sorry i didnt put the dishes up before you got home,sorry that my daddys not there,but you dont care you kick me and beat me, didnt care when i told you they raped me, my inside feelings i dare not share smile now cry later , i laid with him because he promise no tears later , why put the gun in my mouth loaded begging and pleading for my 13 year old life birthday is here you beat me for making you seem old , your heart is iced cold, i ran away just to be alone, i am so mad because you dont love me , you over look me , never knowing how successful i will be.

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