by Cathy

Forever hiding.
Crying out ...
For someone to see.

Would anyone ever know?
Could anyone hear?
No-one saw the signs.
She didn't even care!

Sitting there,
With my head between my knees,
Crying and begging for him to stop.
Telling him, "No!"

"You know you want it."
"You know you like it."
"No one can see."

"...No, No, No..."
"God can see."
"It is wrong."

Saving myself that day.
Taking back my life.
Stopping my brother,
Dead in his tracks.

Guilt ... Guilty!
Stopped my brother that day
From hurting me.
But my little sister paid the price.

I'm sorry dear little sister.
Sorry for the life,
We had to endure.

Wish I could go back,
And make it all different
Wish I could go back,
And give you your life back.

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