turn around

by Amy Reed
(zanesville ohio)

8 months of continues arguing
Fighting back the tears
Covering up the bruises
Looking like a fool
Finally walking away
Begs come from him
Sounding oh so sincere she comes back to him
Back to the mayhem
The routine happens all over
She pulls the trigger, watches the bullets rain
Every step of the way, still hiding the pain
She can’t help but smile at what she’s done
For now her life seems to be fun
Lying on the ground her prey can’t run
Bloody and bruised he’s almost done
Laughing to herself
The roles have turned
With one bullet it’s now or never
Gun pointed to his chest ‘I love you forever’
He closes his eyes and hears the click
Drowning everything else out with the music
With a kiss on the cheek, his life she spares
Maybe she loves me, maybe she cares
The brave soldier now so naïve
Trying to hide, trying to leave

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