by Perla Garcia
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Living day by day, thinking about what tommarrow i will say. Knowing i will have to lie, about my feelings problems in life. Having my innocense be taken away at 8, by that one person i considered my brother, friend in faith. After five years of silence, i open up. To an ex. stranger i used to ignore , now day by day i get excited to see her and wait at the door. 9-27-08 was the date i met my best frand, she helped me get up. She gaved me love and care, when no one was there. Having everyone believe my cousin, having everyone think i was the one lying. "He never abused you, you lie" Having my mom abuse me physically and emotionally, yet no one believes me. The scars are there, they might barley noticable but the pain wont go away. Being accused of a lier,a no good daughter. Being molested by 3 step cousins telling no one, knowing they will never believe me. Where are you god when i need you the most you promise to stay here by my side. But day after day i just dont feel you no more. Little by little my best frand is dirfting away, i am trying to reach out to grab her hand and take her away. I stopped being a cutter after doing it to both of my arms. I stopped getting , high knowing i hurt her. Scars going up and down, iam back to where i started again iam a cutter.I promised karla this would be the night, the night that i let go of pain. I am already high so it wont hurt the phone is ringing and i am not answering it the messages are waiting to be read. But she will never understand my pain. I cut my vein everything is over, but sadly the next morning i woke up i didnt succed, i hate myself. I dont know what i am still here in earth. God just take me away. I guess i didnt cut deep enough so i survived. I have taken pills and they dont work, tonight i will try again. No one understands they took my frand away she was the reason i lived for,knowing she needed me and i needed her. I barley see her and i hate vanessa for she is the one taking my place. Karla says iam way before her, that iam her bestie, sister and more. She has suffered so much but isnt depressed, shes got me and ive got her but day after day thats becoming a dream. Isnt there someone who believes in me. Today i will try again to see if i succed. My problems are too much, my neighbor keeps molesting me. Please isnt there help out there for me? This is the truth and iam laying in bed as the hours past by. I thinking about what tommarrow i will say. Again i lie

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Apr 26, 2010
by: perla

anonymous, please comment back. I want to talk to you cause of what you just wrote me. I feel the love too and will always cherishs that letter. I love you too (no homo), but please comment back or something.

Apr 10, 2010
Dont let them win
by: Anonymous

You need to be strong,
show everyobe that your words arent wrong,
You have a little brother and if he could of talked,
he would say to not let him go,
keep him warm in your arms,
and dotn let him get into any harm,
I wish i could of been there for you,
cuz i beleive you.
We almost have the same story,
no one beleives me either.
I felt unloved and it thought that there was no god,
not tell you came in my life,
and made me realize,
that there is one.
and he loves me and you.
That he wont leave us,
no matter how hard life is.
Thanks to you i know atleast one person that would always love me.
Thanks to you im back to my feet.
But i have something to say,
i well always cary this love from me to you,
right in the middle of my chest.
I'LL treasure the memorise,
and the hope that you gaves me more,

Jan 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

I believe you're not lying
For the same thing happened to me
Cousin put his hands on me
And told me not to tell
Aunt molested me and told me not to tell
That no one would believe me
That only family loves me
But they did not
They verbally and sexually abused me
Tried to ruin my Mental health
But they wer proven wrong
Everybody I talked to
Believed me therapist, teachers and counselors
They Believed me, Preachers christians believed me, And most of All God beleived me
And he made them reap and casted them out
God truly loves me and he loves you too
So please don't take your life
Because they're not worth it
If you die they win and that'll be so sad
So keep hanging in there And God will advenge you
Just believe and it'll come true
You're not a lying nor I'm I
They're the looonies and they're crazy
But you and me, we're are the sane ones
Just hold on a little while longer
And what you say will be brought to light

God Bless
Angela Wilson

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