Tougher than the Rest

by Laura

I wish to tell to you
The way in which I fell
That turned my life my whole world
To nothing but a Hell
My own personal hell
Where love does not exist
No not the love that I expect
It?s nothing like the bliss
I always thought would come with Love
I always thought I?d feel
Instead pure endless pain
This to me does not appeal
The hurtful words the painful blows
Became my night and day
To speak my mind to hold my tongue
Could not hold the hurt at bay
How many final chances
How many times my last
To pack my shit to plan to leave
But then each night alas
His kind words his gentle kiss
Would win me back again
And for a time we?d be okay
I?d gain back my old friend
But Stupid girl things never change
And one day when you?re not looking
He?ll take his hand up side your head
So goes the silent struggle
Between abuser and abused
Abuser All and Powerful
And I am only used
I?ve so many secrets
I?m so afraid to tell
I hide from friends and family
I tell them all is well
But when you least expect it
I?ll stand up tall and proud
I?ll kick your ass right to the curb
And Shout out Clear and Loud
That?s It That?s All,
I?ve had ENOUGH
I?ll get by on my own
Hell you should know I?ll be okay It?s you who?s made me tough.

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