by Angela Wilson
(Sacramento, CA)

Nightmares of the same thing repeated time and time again
His filty wet thing going up into the privide part of my body
Being pushed and shoved torn inside and out
By a freak of a monster called Grand dad
He was related to me in some shape form and fashion
Him getting his rocks off with his sick hot passion
I scream silently into the ears of my mother
But she could not hear me
I cried out to God but no answer
I cried and I pleaded but no one haerd me
If they did, they would have surely killed him
Sick minded perversion sat at my room
Everytime my mother left, then the peneration would start
He told me he'll give me candy and money if I kept shut
But for how long, oh how long
Then one day God heard my cry and he answered me
By making that bastard die in a hospital bed
And that was refreshing to me
At his funeral I didn't shed a tear
My heart felt cold, and my soul frozed up
And I was glad he was dead
I became spring and I never go a day without
Thanking God for such justice
Then I realized that all along that God was looking and booking
I realized then How much God truly loved me
Tortured, I'll never let anybody torture me again

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