Too Young, Double The Pain

by Christina

When I was 4 I met this boy named Justin and he seemed really nice, and he lived right up the street from me! We became best friends and always talked. My twin brother also would hang out with him. I noticed a change in Justin when my brother and I were 8 and he was 9. He would start wrestling us and slamming us into the ground for no reason. He would do this behind the church, by the hug tree. I just assumed he was being a boy and brushed it off as nothing. This kept progressing and when I was 10, he would separate my brother and me, since we lived near the woods. He would take me into the woods and then his brother would take my brother into the woods but on the other side. Justin would walk me over to a tree and he would push me against it. He wouldn't take off my clothes but he would push me agains the tree so hard that I actually had bruises on me. He would hump the tree make noises. He would act like he was going to rape me, but never would. Then he would walk me back to meet up with my brother. One day when my brother went hunting with my dad, Justin and Billy talked me into going into the woods with them. They walked me deep into the woods and Billy pushed me against a tree. He was justins older brother! Justin would hump the tree next to me then punch it, it was not a skinny tree, yet not a thick on. He would break the tree. I guess to show me what he was capable of. Then Billy would do the same exact thing to the tree. The next day, my brother and I were at the church hanging out with them, and Billy held me back as Justin took off his letter belt and whipped my brother, and then they switch my brother and me. Just whipped me with the letter belt and it hurt! My brother and I went home. When I was 11, just randomly ran after my brother and whipped him harder than ever before with a Leather belt, so I kicks him and he slammed me so hard to the ground he knocked the air out of me and then put all of his body weight on me so I couldn't breathe! When he got off, I called the police and he ran. I only told my parents and the police about the leather belt and Justin whipping my brother. We tried to get a restraining order agains Justin but it was denied. I never would talk to justin again, and I started healing from my bruises and cuts. Right before I turned 13, I was walking my dog and Justin came out of nowhere and told me to be careful, because pretty girls like me get raped a lot in the woods, and it hurts! He was like warnig me for what he may do or someone may do in the future. I'm now afraid to be in the woods alone or with a guy. I feel intimidated, but I try not to show it when I'm with any guy. I am afraid to get hurt, I dot want to ever go through the pain I did, from when I was 4- last year when I turned 13. I am tryig to move on, but I have never told anyonethe true story of what happened until now! Even though Justin lives up the street from me, I hope he will never bother or hurt me again. I hope nobody will. I don't blame myself, but in a way I do, because I was the one who kept going with them, I never screamed or told anyone. But at least I was never really raped by them. Thanks for reading this and God Bless You!!!!!!!

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