The Winds Of Pain Love And Sorrow
by April Weit on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 11:26am

I found out I'm pregnant today

I told him, he can't wait to be a father

We can't wait to parents someday

little did i know he wouldnt even bother

Today he pushed me, i fell

but, he loves me. he didn't mean it

Today we're happy, he made me well

he said he's sorry, see, he didn't mean it

Yesturday he hit me, i don't know why

but he didn't mean it. I know cause he cried

We had a good week, today we watched the sky

he said when he saw my face he could've died

It happens all of the time, but i don't tell

he loves me and our love is fate

I tell people, don't worry i just fell

they say to leave before it's too late

We're sooo happy and we're going to a parade

maybe someday we'll be married after all

It's happened again, I've never been so afraid

he punched me and put my head into a wall

I had him arrested, he's going to jail

but he's changing for me, i know he will

He's out and changed, now nothing will fail

We'll have a cookout today on the grill

We're having a birthday party for me tomorrow

it's gonna be fun, i wounder who will come

My party was filled with pain and sorrow

he broke my jaw, what have i done

He'll be in jail for a while now

I'm so confused, i just had his baby

I know he did it, but why and how

he doesn't know what he's doing lately

I'll give him another chnace, this time i believe him

we're doing great now, happy and in love

He left and already is with a girl named Kim

I asked God why, as i looked up above

It's been a month now and I'm okay

I've been taking classes and wanna go to school

He came to me and this is what he had to say

I love you, i miss you, I'll change, please don't be cruel

Yes, I will give him another chance

this time he'ss change, I'll make him

He only threatened this time as he danced

I just don't love you, he said with a grin

I don't understand, what is wrong with me

the drinking, drugs and the other girls

I'll look at the bright side, I am free

and, now i'm catching up with the bills

Well, and other month has passed

he came to me and said he made a mistake

I said okay, but we won't move fast

he said don't worry, my loves not fake

He hasn't hit me in a year and a half

but, we argue all of the time

He said we sould try to forget the past

we argue, but that's not a crime

I went up and asked why he ripped the phone out of the wall

he started punching and choking and Kody's screaming

Everyone was right, he tried to kill me after all

why did this happen, i wish i was dreamin

You can't recognize me, i can hardly move

I can not believe i really almost died

I wish all of the abuse was easy to soothe

he said he'd quit everythin and change HE LIED

If i take him back the bruises will go away

the other abuses and lies will be here to stay

I sacraficed a lot for him and for what

I am not ready to give up my life yet

He's lied, cheated, punched and thrown me on my but

three years, how far will i let this get

I'm ready to leave, not cause of the physical abuse

it's because of the lies and loss of trust

I think I used the hitting for an exuse

really I felt like I was going to combust

I'm moving on with my life, it's happy and grand

Now it's finally time for me and my son

One day I'll find a man of a different brand

he never will change, I'M FINALLY DONE

april weit 8/17/03


i did find a way different type of guy. he is great.

i truely did not think a real man existed....

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