The girl who lived

by Kayla
(Doylestwon PA USA)

For 5 years I hid the fact that I was being raped day in and day out, everynight my uncle would rape or sexually assult me. One day in school I had just had enough I told my best friend that I had been being raped and she forced me to go down the the guidence office and tell the councilor. My councilour just couldnt believe it. This was the first time that she went through something like this. For years I was afraid to tell because my uncle told me he would kill me or the rest of my family if i told. Well I got it out, and well my life is so much better now that he is in jail. no matter how long it takes me to fully get over it I want to be able to help other girls now. I am 16 years old now and a junior in high school and he doesnt have any affect on my life anymore, If you are a girl telling is the best thing that you can do. it might be hard but once the case is closed you will be very very happy.

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Nov 25, 2010
Happy for you
by: Anonymous

i am glad to hear you are not living in the past. I am glad you finally told. Most women dont, most girls dont.

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