Teen-Rape. Sexual Assault or Abuse.

Teen-rape is extremely common, especially what we call "date rape." The problem is, that many of these rapes go unreported.

You may ask yourself, Why don't they report the rape or the abuse?

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The most common reasons are fear and guilt. Fear of what people will think of them. Fear of what will happen to them if they "tell" on or report the abuser to the authorities. Fear of having to face the abuser or abusers again.

The guilt is usually over what happened to them and they feeling like they had some sort of responsibility over what happened.

The guilt can be even more intense if they were dating their abuser, had dated them in the past, if they knew the abuser, or if they were drinking alcohol or using drugs when the rape happened.

So, what will happen to these girls if they go on without telling anyone about the rape or abuse?

The facts are that they are more likely to do poorly in school. They often engage in unhealthy or

self abusive behaviors , like drug and alcohol abuse and abusive relationships with unprotected sex.

The anger, shame and stress they feel can lead to eating disorders and depression which can also lead to suicide.

These behaviors can continue on into adulthood if not addressed.

I know first hand because I went through this myself!

Are You a Teen that is afraid to Tell?

If you are a teen and a victim of teen-rape, sexual abuse or assault, I want you to remember this... It does not matter what the circumstances were, if you were drinking, using drugs, dating the guy or girl, passed out or whatever! If you said "NO" or implied "NO" or could not consent, it was rape (teen-rape), and it WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!

Someone took advantage of you! If you don't tell anyone, that person or person(s) can and probably will continue to do the same thing to other girls!

There are thousands of other girls who have been through teen-rape just like you! I know that it is extremely scary to tell someone.....but it is something that you need to do for yourself!

The person who raped you or abused you took something from you without your permission!

Alcohol or drugs are NOT an alibi. The key question for you is did you consent or not? Both participants in sex must be conscious (alert and aware) and consenting. By the way, if the person who raped you was over 18 years old, that is also a crime!!

You may also even have been a victim of date-rape and if that is true, there is more you need to learn about that subject and the types of drugs that can be used on you that make you unable to say "no", and why you need to be checked out quickly while the drug is still in your system. Knowledge is power!

If you are feeling alone, confused and scared....that is normal right now, considering what you have been through., but listen closely...., drinking alcohol, using drugs, doing dangerous things including having unprotected sex with multiple partners and trying to punish yourself is NOT going to make the pain you feel inside go away!

The only way to feel better is to tell someone you trust. That is the first step in getting your life back!

Trust me, you are much stronger than you think.

I have been where you are right now and so have many other women. WE have made it through and so will you!

If you don't have anyone around you feel that you can trust, call the National Hotline for Sexual Assault:1-800-656-HOPE

You may also call me on my toll-free number listed on my Home page. The link is at the bottom of the page. I will be happy to assist you in connecting you with your local MH organization.

I truly believe that you have someone close to you that sees that you are hurting and you might be shutting them out. Please, let them in and let them help you.You don't have to do this alone!!

Call NOW, before you change your mind!

There is HOPE! There is always HOPE!

There truly is a way out of the deep dark hole that you feel you are in right now!

All you need to do is reach out. I guarantee that someone will have a hand waiting for yours to hold when you do.


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These women at one time felt alone just like you until they reached out and found a support network of women who shared their pain. These stories may help you see that you CAN move forward and recover and become a survivor. Go, have a look. Bless you, dear one. You may even have a story to share yourself. It may be your first step into recovery. :)


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