Substance-abuseis quite common among sexual abuse survivors. It is listed in the section of self destructive behaviors because it is self destructive. Why is it so common among victims / survivors?

Well, we feel pain from our memories of our abuse..that is, if we are ready to "feel" anything. Along comes alcohol, weed, crack or whatever that is just "dying" to take away our pain. Wham! We don't need to feel it anymore. Nice, HUH? Well, maybe so for awhile..until another problem develops one in itself.. Substance-abuse or addiction,

You can go from just "having a drink" to

"Who am I? and Who are you? and What the hell happened??" We become to rely on the alcohol or drug to make us feel "better". The problem is that while we are feeling "better" we are not really dealing with our real issues that started us on our journey with drugs in the first place.

The truth is that we can get sicker and sicker without even realizing it. Many times it takes a friend or family member to point out our downward spiral to us because we are so caught up in it.. we can't see it. Have you ever heard the expression "can't see the forest for the trees?" well, that kind of fits.

We use drugs and or alcohol in order to behave in destructive ways... such as have unhealthy relationships, Hell, we don't care, I's all good, right?

Some of us get so caught up in getting our drugs that we forget why we started using them in the first place! Some of us even prostitute ourselves for drugs. For a high that might last 30 minutes..we give something of ourselves that is the most precious gift we can possibly give.. to a stranger even!!' There is something REALLY screwed up about that!!! Talk about insanity!! I think that behavior fits pretty well!

Are we Bad People? absolutely NOT!!!!

Let me make this perfectly clear!!

Good people can make bad choices. Did you hear me??? Good people can make bad choices. The wonderful thing is.. We can change our mind and change the choices we make.