stand up

by Ember

Stand up

You call me every night
Crying on the phone
The same story over again
With the same guy
I keep on telling you let him
Go but you don’t because
You say your in love to me that’s
Not love that’s abuse
I love you I really do
but you have to
Stand up for what is right.
I’ll pray for you
that’s all I could do,
The rest is up to you
Listen to your heart
What is it telling you?
Its telling me that you really
Wonna leave him behind
But your mind
is stopping you,
stand up befor its too

Stop the abuse

this poem goes out to young womans thats is getting abuse right now at home and to a really good friend of all my sisters out there that is getting
abuse god there and he will help you through this...

By: Ember

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