Spirituality and Recovery

Spirituality, to me, is how you connect with God (or your higher power).

I am Christian, so it is how I connect with Christ.

I believe that Spirituality is one of the keys to how you open up the door to your recovery.

It also makes a difference if your abuser had any connection to your church or your faith or religion in general. Mine did, and I therefore turned away from the church and organized religion for many years, which is common for many abuse victims.

I "disconnected" like a plug pulled from a light socket! Because of that, I wondered around in the dark for years with an empty, dark, aching hole in my soul that needed to be filled with the unconditional love that only come from God.

Believe me, Sex does NOT equal love! Anyway, I will teach you how to connect or re-connect with God through:

prayer , rituals, creating a sacred space for yourself, meditation and through nature and through organized religion. .

You will gain inner peace, strength, and begin to see your self worth and beauty after you get "connected" and grounded.

Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong.

Whatever feels right to you is right for you where spirituality is concerned.

Use the links on this page. Practice the suggestions.

When you feel you are ready to continue with releasing your feelings and continuing to discover your inner strengths and power, I will meet you at Art as therapy.

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Helpful Links

Spiritual Self is a quest of developing three specific aspects of the evolving Christian consciousness. The Spiritual Self allows faith to do it's miracle working transformations in the (I) individuals, (we) culture, and (it) society of spirit. To find out more, Go to: www.Spiritual-Self.com -

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- "Spiritual Healing Sanctuary - A safe place for a sacred discovery.

Here you will be guided in releasing struggle and limitation of beliefs. You will be supported in creating a shift in awareness of personal empowerment. Find inspiration to create sacred space and self-love with spiritual coaching and counselling, meditation, and law of attraction."

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