So Confused

So this all happened from before I can remember to the last day of preschool (and daycare).
So we move to this nice neighborhood, the daycare is a short walk away, me and one of the younger kids their become BFFs. All is good, not. So I didnt even realize what he did was wrong until 5th grade; didnt realize how much it effected me till a few weeks ago.
So you know how when your reaaaaaaaaaly young the kids older than you are like gods, you just dont question them. What happened to me is extremly confusing because of our age, idk if he knew what he was doing or not. All that I remember is that whenever we were alone he would run his finger through down there.
He convinced me it was a game, and being a little kid when my parents asked what I had done that day I told them the most exciting stuff, a game played reguarly isnt a big deal.

So in 4th grade I start suffering from depression, 5th Im diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and all my life Ive had issues with stress. I told my mom one day going to my therapist, she spent 2 hours parked in front of pappa johns and subway before I told her. I recently told what I thought to be good friends this, but thats another story.
Anyways so the perve still rides my bus, lives in my neighborhood, and plays on the same team as my brother. I hate bus rides needless to say. Like I said earlier, the hardest part is not knowing if he did what he did knowing what he was doing or not.

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Aug 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was raped by a guy in my Jr. High and my dad didn't do anything after I told him.

I had to run away from home because I couldn't handle seeing him at school, on the bus or in the neighborhood. The kids also started rumors about how I was a slut.

I'm not saying running away was the right thing to do but it got my dads attention and he eventually transferred me out of that school.

When I was going to move on to High School I was brought back to the same school in my neighborhood and I saw my rapist again. I just dropped out of school.

My dad to this day (I am now 29) still doesn't understand or acknowledge what hell I had to go through.

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