Sexual-Issues with Sexual Abuse?

Since you were sexually abused, it is no wonder that you might have sexual-issues in one way or another! Some women don't want to have anything to do with sex at all, like they want to become nuns so they don't have to deal with the subject ever again! Extreme..but true. Also not realistic!

Some women go the opposite direction and become sex addicts! Sex anywhere, anytime, anyplace (you get the idea!) By the way, there is a 12 step program for sex addicts. Look in the yellow pages or call Alcoholics Anonymous for meetings near you. Here is the Naional Hotline for sexual assault: 1-800-656-HOPE (RAINN)

Sexual promiscuity is sex with many partners without protection usually. This is definitely a sexual-issue!

Some of my close friends have had what we call "angry sex" which is to "get back at" our abusers through men we don't know. Pretty stupid..but it really doesn't have to make sense! The result can be:

Unwanted pregnancies


STD's or venereal diseases (and there are many out there that you really do not want!)

you could get killed

get raped

get robbed

the possibilites are endless..all of them not good!

By the way, this Isn't the way to meet Mr. Right. I tried it and it didn't work! Trust me!

Painful Sex is another symptom. Obviously this means pain with intercourse.

You can be obsessed with your sexual organ cleanliness and wash obsesslively.

although there are more, I will stop with these since I feel these are the most prominent ones.

Now, a scary sexual-issue:

Sexual Abuse of others:

A percentage of sexually abused women, in turn, sexually abuse others. This is not a huge percentage, in fact, most sexual abusers were physically abused rather than sexually abused primarily according to statistics.

Abuse is about power and control. Victims feel powerless and alone and like they have no control over their life. One reason people turn to sexually abusing others is because they never really got help or treatment for their issues related to their own abuse.

I would not go running and screaming in fear that you are going to sexually abuse anyone because you have taken a huge step towards your recovery to get help! However, if you have already abused someone, GET PROFESSIONAL HELP NOW, TODAY!

You can still stop the process and don't have to do it again! Stop the cycle of abuse now!

You are still loved and valued and supported. Remember that, OK?

Let's move on in our recovery. Are you ready? Let's Go.


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