Restoration..what is it? Well, two women in Cinncinatti have defined it. I have known it and have been talking about it for years but have not been quite able to put my finger on it and label it!

These two therapists are: Rebecca M. Born, MSW, LISW-S and Rachel K. Davis, MA, CFLE. They have written a cirriculum for sexual abuse victims that have completely changed how we look at the potential you have in your recovery!

It used to be that you could move from victim to survivor..but why spend your life just "surviving" if you can move on to becomming "restored" to what God had origionally intended for you to be before you were abused?? The really exciting part is that it isn't necessary for you to remember the details of your abuse! In fact, there are times that remembering the details of your abuse can be re-traumatizing for you! I have always felt that and have told many of you that when I have spoken with you.

The main point is that you feel better, and move on in your life so that you can become a functional, happy and or person at peace with yourself.

Now, rather than me trying to explain everything to you myself, I am going to let you see it in their own words. I am uploading a file with a link at the end to their website.

We are talking about some collaboration between us in treatment so stay tuned for that in the near future!!

Here is a pdf link that explains everything about the new treatment. connections