Rape- I will help you best i can

by cherie
(corvallis or usa)

its not a story its not a myth some people like myself have been abused many times. My virginity was stolen when i was three by my uncle at the same time as my four year old cousin, i was raped when i was four by a babysitter, i was roofied when i was 18 by an entire band while two of my best friends ditched me to flirt with boys, the man i thought i loved beat and raped me when i didn't want to have sex one night, my sisters boyfriend beat us both nearly to death and raped us separately and at the same time over 40 times. I could give details i could tell you how perverse each time was and all the mind fucks i have gone through but if you really want to talk about rape i have been raped every way i know possible and want to help others one on one with their personal hells as best i can. my email is cherie_kelli@yahoo.com write me i check it every day. i know depression, i know self pity and blame, i know regret, i know what ifs, i know!Please reach outward not inward.

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