Prayer, How to Re-Connect to God.

-After over 30 years, I discovered a new way to practice prayer and that Jesus can be my BFF (for you text messagers out there!)

Praying is really SIMPLE! It is talking to God. Just like you would talk to your girlfriend...kind of like I am talking to you.. no "Thee's" or "Thou's" necessary, just, "HI God, It's me and I'm having a rough time" etc.,"

or "Good morning God." or even "Good God, it's morning!" for some people!

Anyway, it serves as a direct line to the creator or whoever your higher power may be.

I was "unplugged" for so many years, by choice.

It took a lot of tears, a whole lot of humility and the help of watching the movie "Jesus Christ Superstar" and meeting the wonderful Mr. Ted Neeley (Jesus in the movie), to re-connect with God. Throughout that experience, I did a lot of talking to God, crying to God, yelling at God and asking forgiveness from him.

It literally saved my life! (Thanks to Ted too!)

The worst thing you can do is to stop talking to God.

We can get mad at our creator and even yell and scream at him (I certainly did). God appreciates ANY relationship he has with long as the lines of communication are open.

There is no right or wrong!

Some people use meditation. They just clear their mind and focus on the center of their forehead. This is best accomplished in a quiet place, your sacred space or in the woods (as discussed in the Nature section) and they listen for God's small still voice to speak to them.

I have heard God speak to me. Not the way I think he spoke to Moses in the bible with a booming voice or with a burning bush, but rather in a thought which contained an answer to a problem which I had.

Experiment, try different things. Find what suits you best. My point, is that it is easy! It doesn't have to be hard!

I believe the connection is crucial to your recovery! You need to feel that unconditional love from God or from someone who has God flowing through them..because God does work through people.

Tell God how you REALLY feel. Be Honest! He / She can take it, I promise., and you will feel better too!

There are all types of ways that you can pray. There is no right or wrong.

I talk to God throughout my day while I am working, doing housework, driving the car, etc. I am always asking for blessings, for protection for myself and for my family.

I also remember to thank God for my blessings. Sometimes I have to make myself remember to do that because I find myself asking for more than I am thanking him for.

I know that my husband connects spiritually to God in a completely different way than I do. He clears his mind and meditates. He feels that only by clearing his mind and allowing God to speak to him is truly praying.

Like I said previously, everyone has their own way of connecting to God. I don't think that God minds how you do it..the point is that you keep a connection open with him so that he can answer your prayers.

Something else that I think is important that I used to not know, but now I see clearly.

God answers prayers with three different responses: 1) Yes 2) No and 3) Not Now. I have gotten the "not now" response many times and perceived it to be the "no" response only to find that what I had asked for happened at a later time.

This is important to know because sometimes we give up if something doesn't happen right away when we ask God for it. You have to believe that God sees things much more clearly than we do and timing is everything!

However you choose to pray isn't important. If you want to spiritually re-connect to God, prayer is the easiest way to do it. Pretend He is a person sitting right in front of you and talk to him just like anyone else. If you are angry with him, It is ok to tell him. He can take it. You are his child and He loves you. Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten that. When I had opened up the communication up again, it felt like I had a long lost friend back again!

I hope you can feel that way too.

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