Pain Of A Married Man

by Angela Wilson
(Sacramento, CA 95823)

I meet a man in college in 1979
Someone elses' husband I shouldn't been with
The romance seem so right
Didn't listen to momma
Didn't listen to friends
I thought he was the dream man
I planned on going to kansas City with him
When his check never came check came
One day I was living at his sister's home
he took me into a room and to get intimate with me
It started off as normal as could be
Thought he was Mr. right
Then the nightmare came
I begged him to stop but he nightmare continued
It went on seem like hours
Calling out for help did me no justice
He pounded and pound until he burst me open
I was clovered in blood, my beautiful baby blue suit
Then he let me go after that, I went home a crying
But I never let momma know that tragic
Thing tha happened to me that day
And I asked myself, why do these things keep
Happening to me, been abused since eleven by men
And men I seem to hate more and more each day
Who can I trust, which man to pick
My guess is none, because every man that comes my way
Always have tragedy written on their lips
There ought to be a big garbage dump
To through these men in, because they're trash
And they don't deserve to live
I'll just stay her safely in my apartment
And live my life scotfree
And stay away from men's sick little dieases

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Apr 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

dear friend i m sorry be happy have a nice future
all the best

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