Nature and Spirituality,


Have you ever associated Nature with Spirituality?

I owe this page to my husband who turned me on to nature and how it really connects him to God. It showed me that I had "tunnel vision", that I wasn't noticing God's creations around me, like many people every day. Now I do, and the world looks much different!

When we go out hiking in the woods, we are surrounded by all of God’s creations: the trees, the animals, rocks, birds, deer, water, etc.

There is a sense of holiness about it. If you just stop and listen and close your eyes, you can almost feel a part of everything that is going on around you.

There are so many lessons that can be learned from nature. There is such diversity of trees, flowers, plants, animals etc. Many people have such tunnel vision and never notice what beauty is around them or even take the time to look.

For example:

One time I was driving through a state park. A deer crossed the road right in front of my car and stood right next to my passenger door to look at me.

I rolled down my window to speak softly to her for about five minutes. We just stared at eachother contently. While we were doing this, a bicycler came up fast behind me shaking his fist angrily at me (It said no parking on the side of the road).

He road quickly by me…not even noticing the deer I was communing with. He continued to shake his fist and shout obsenities at me while he rode on past. Talk about "Tunnel Vision!"

I couldn’t believe HE DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE THE BEAUTY OF THE DEER right in front of him!

I believe we are all that way today in society. We all have tunnel vision to some extent. Going out into the woods, or even in your own back yard is a wonderful way to relax, quiet your soul, and take in the wonder of God’s creations. If you go on the same path every week for an entire year, so many things will change due to the natural order of things in nature.

It really puts life into perspective.

God cares for his animals..but HE LOVES PEOPLE FAR MORE THAN ANYTHING! .

We are all part of the same universe. The universe is so incredibly humongous and it can make your problems seem so small..

yet, I know that God cares for each and every one of us because it says in the bible that he knows how many hairs are on each of our heads.

Pretty cool huh!

Try going to the woods and looking around just to see what all you can see. Listen for all of the sounds you can hear. Look up into the trees. Look down at the path you are walking on for footprints. Look for deer paths…flowers…

Our family plays a game called “look for wild creatures” when we are driving in the car. This can be a bunny, a squirrel, a hawk or anything. It stimulates your mind to observe the world around you where otherwise you would not notice.

I guess the point I am trying to make, is that when I am in the great outdoors and think about the complexity of it all, I am overcome with a sense of awe.


That is a daily struggle for me and for most people I know, yet when I do, it always seem to work out for the best.

It is more difficult for abuse survivors because we sometimes are obsessed with control (because we had none with our abuse) giving it up is a totally scary thing!

Like I said, I have learned through practice that when I do give God the steering wheel, things seem to work out a whole lot better than when I am driving the car of my life!

I have found that it is easier to look at it as not giving up control, but rather, choosing to allow God to guide me in my life.

He can take the steering wheel...

I will just sit in the passenger side, Thank You very much!

It takes practice..but remember...YOU CAN'T PUSH THE RIVER!!


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