by Perla Garcia
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

You are my treasure far and deep,
Your the treasure I would love to keep.
Your the treasure in my heart,
Love together and never apart.
Intruders try to come inside,
But your always there by my side.
People try to make me happy and safe,
But I only need to see your face.
To see, to cry , to be upon on,
To laugh, to sit and hear our song.
Your my treasure, that everyone hunts,
I bet you don't know I love you to chunks.
Best friends we became,
When I hear your name I go insane.
My treasure I'm crazy in love with you,
No homo,
But I bet you already knew.
4-20-10 Karla I wrote this poem,
I hide it everyday,
For my mom to never know of.
I'm sorry I hurt,
I really never meant too.
Your my treasure I will love forever,
I don't care if you say "never."

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