(LV, NV)

A story that has been kept as a secret,
But must be heard
For this is my story
The nightmare that became my worst...
Since I was a kid and only nine,
Got raped, from my own dad.
Kept quiet
And locked myself in a place where I kept lying
My mom didn't know
And she never spoked
Cuz she was locked in two hospital doors...
I knew if I ever visit her
I would have to cry
But I swore I would not..
One night she found out,
Saw it with her two brown eyes.
I wanted to pretend that this is just a dream
That this is not happening
I pretend and wanting to sleep
And had forgotten how to breath
But couldn't turn away, cuz she was on her knees.
After that, I had made the worst mistake...
I kept that guy...
Live in my life, and my mom had pasted away...
After that
I bear not to speak
To any person for eternity
Yes, I had live with him for three more years,
Pretend that nothing was happening,
That it was a normal, happy family
But years had past
And flied on so fast
That one day I told a friend, my secret
She had help me out
To get out of that house
But he came back
To take me in
Back to his place
After that
I had called my aunt
To pick me up,
Cuz I would not want to go back
I spoke and she heard
For my tears that had flown
Down to my cheek bones.

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