MY lIfE sToRy

(las vegas, nv)

A story that has been kept as a secret,
But must be heard
for this is my story
the nightmare that became my worst..

Since I was a kid and only nine,
got raped,from my own dad
Kept quiet
and locked myself in a place where i kept lieying

My mom didnt know,
and she never spoke
cuz she was locked in two hospital doors..
I knew if i ever visited her
I would have to cry
but i swore i would not..

One night she found out,
saw it with her two brown eyes.

I wanted to pretened that this is just a dream,
that this is not happening
I pretened and wanting to sleep
and had forgotten how to breathe
but couldn't turn away,cuz she was on her knees.

After that..
I bear not to speak
to any person for internaty

Yes, I had lived with him for three more years,
pretended that nothing was happening,
that it was a normal, happy family

But years had past
and flyed on soo fast
that one day I told a friend,a secret
She had help me out
to get out of that house
but he came back!
to take me in,
back to his place

After that,
I had called out my aunt
to pick me up,
cuz I would not want to go back
I spoke and she heard..
for then my tears that had flown,
down to my cheekbones..

Less than a year,I had a great friend that helped me out,
became best friends, sisters for life
but time past by..
that we went to our own ways..

She gaved me love and happiness..
the cure that i needed,
And the thing that made me smile.

But now people took her from me.
My only and greatest bestiee.
When she left i made a poem for her,
thinking that someday shell read.
My feelings that i kept.
From her,
And its called "Listen"

And the poem is called "Listen"

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Oct 17, 2010
Im sorry....
by: Anonymous

hey im so sorry i have the same feelings just about my brother im still a teen and it ended but it was 2 years ago it ended and i still feel the same and think about it alot im just soo glade he gotcaught and i dont even know what he was thinking.

Jun 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

karla i am so sorry i miss you

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