mommy mommy cant you see

Mommy mommy why can’t you see
Your husband raped me
I went thru ten years of hell
but I will not fail

Mommy mommy why cant you see
This is what my daddy did to me
He came in my room at night
I always had to fight
He forced his way in and made me bleed
All because he had his needs
Mommy mommy why cant you see
My eyes are shut, my hands clenched tight,
I'm scared, I'm shaking, I'm in a fright.
Why do you leave me alone with this monster

Mommy mommy why can't you see
Why I'm crying out so desperately
Wounded, abused, and pitifully pleading.

Mommy mommy, I can't see
Why You chose your husband over me
You took my family away
One day you will all pay
Justice will prevail one day
Because I survived and I am here to stay

Mommy mommy can’t you see
But hey that’s ok
the GBI has his DNA and
The FBI has a tape of him raping me

Mommy mommy I cant you see
You knew he raped before
Why would you leave me alone with him
So he could do this some more
Was my ten years of hell worth what you adore
I was put in a shelter and called a whore
Mommy mommy cant you see
He always said you wouldn't believe me!

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