Looking down on myself


Looking down on myself
What do I see?
A shell of a person
It's really not me

I see a wreck
A woman so scarred
She used to be happy
Now she is marred

Who is this person
So woeful and sad
She looks so lost
Can life be this bad?

What could have happened
to make her this way?
With a look of such sorrow,
face ashen and grey

Her children are gorgeous
so why does she frown?
She has all to live for
so why be so down?

I know the full story
I don't want to tell
Her life was a misery
It really was hell

She can't tell her friends
She would feel so ashamed
It's really not her fault
She shouldn't be blamed

The man who did this
He is to fault
The one who started
this vicious assault

I have tried to help
but I think she needs space
I pray to soon see
a smile on her face

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