by unknown
(las vegas,nv)

Hear me out loud
but dont make a sound
And listen what I have to say
my best friend

09/27/08 was our day
when i first knew
that i will take that bullet for you
but i know it wont hurt
cuz your tears would be my cure
I would stand straight and make your pain go away
Thats what I used to say
But I was the one who hurt you the most
when you bearly arosed.

Now tell me what kind of friend am I?
Letting her little sis get hurt
And not helping her

Im soo stupid and dumb for I who hurt u the most!
So now I stay and lay this pain
thinking where my sis has been?
and wanting to hold you tight,
whispering it well be alright

let the tears flow
and listen to that wind blow.
Dont let go off my hand,
cuz your the only one i had

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Jun 22, 2010
by: Anonymous


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