What is a Life-Coach? and What is in it for You?

As a Life-coach, I am going to -

1) Help you identify any obstacles you have in your recovery or that you are having in your relationship(s).

2) We can then develop some realistic short term goals of where you would like to be going or what you would like to see happen.

3) We then would develop a plan to achieve your goals and or help you develop a support network.

4) I will work with you to help eliminate any obstacles that are in your way of achieving your goals.

5) I will be your partner in achieving your goals and supporting you which may include making referrals for you to other resources or services.

6) I will celebrate your successes with you!

7) You can check back in with me anytime you need or want to if you get off track and we can set new goals.

As I have mentioned numerous times throughout my website, recovery is an ongoing process. We all need periodic "check-ups" or for some, "reality checks" :) I am available for that if you need or want.

Why Me for a Life Coach and Why Do I charge so little?

If you have read my website, you pretty much know who I am and where I come from personally.

Professionally, I am a Registered Nurse for over 20 years, with over 15 years of counseling experience in Mental Health and two years in Substance Abuse. I am also a sexual abuse survivor.

I have worked with hundreds of sexually abused children, teens and adults over the years and also with the offenders themselves.

I know that recovery is a daily decision and is not easy, but I also know that once you decide to be a survivor, it DOES get easier every day! You too can make it! I know that many of you out there might not be able to afford expensive services..so that is why I set my fee so low. For those of you who are blessed financially, and feel that I or my site has really helped you, consider a small donation to keep the site up and running so that I can continue to help all the women I can on a full time basis. I know that God will bless you !!

I believe in the power and strength and resilience of ALL women and if you allow your God to help you no matter who you are, where you have been or what you have done, He / She will!

Click on button below for my Life Coach Services which are $5.00 per email. Send email after paying per contact form. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from You!!


Becky Herdmann



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