by Karla Aviles
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Listen up mama
For the thing's I've wanted to tell...
The thing I've kept...
I keep thinking
Why didn't you say good bye
Why didn't you fight like you promise you would have
But you made me lose hope, after that
You knew that I needed you the most
But you just let everything go
You let my dad win
And since that day I had to grin
Resis the pain that I had kept in
I trusted you
You where my best friend, my super hero
The person I looked up to...
The only person I loved....
But I knew the one day would come,
When you layed in bed, weak and dead
When you wouldn't take the last breath to say good bye
Stupid kid I was named.
Used to dream about with me till the end
Wishing that you would still hold me in your arm's
And would feel happy, protected, with no harm...
But, guess what mama?..
I moved on
Cuz lil by lil, I don't feel you no more...
My heart became doll
Since you ended up gone...
And felt so wrong
Cuz you put me in this world
You showed me how to survive
With just some simple words
And it felt so good...
My words to you are good bye
I'll see you over there once u die.
I lovey you mom!... (forever)

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