by Karla Aviles
(LV, NV)

It's sad saying good bye
Cuz I'll know I'll have to find a new place to hide
I needed you
And I prayed for you to come back
So I made a sacrifice
Only with me and God.
I told him if you come back I'll give him my life,
That I will be strong,
And that I will not disapoint him like I used to
But now that you come
You made me glad
But less than a week
You've changed from great to least
I don't know how to talk to you no more
Cuz I guess your new friends gaved you happiness
When I knew I should of
But look at least your happy!
That's all I needed
To see you smile once more
Cuz what I gave you
Wasn't nothing but lost of hope
So now I'm here crying my eyes out
Finding a new place to look for
Trying to find a new bestie
But no one can replace that old you.

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