iSOULated by author of

by Donna Hickman

Have your loves scattered like the wind
On the outside looking in
Does he want to be
your only friend?
Always guessing the rules of his game
Today it’s this but tomorrow’s not the same
Then you know
Just like Edgar Allen Poe
You can only lose
So what will you choose?
To take from him whatever you can get
Trained as his domestic cat
There for him
But he’s not there for you
Until you start to go somewhere new
Then he charms like a prince
To possess your soul
Can’t love God, or your man will lose control
Over you
So you see
Why the caged bird sings
You’re not crazy
His stingy heart sneakin’
Innocence from you
So he can take
what he wants to
Elicit all affection
And leave you blue
Your heart suffocated
No wonder
you often brew
So what you gonna choose:
To cut yourself
Or cut him loose?
He can't touch your spirit
Don't let him break your heart

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