Im a survivor from being sexually abused

by Melissa Crandall
(Eugene, Oregon)

I want to say that I have a counselor and psychiatrist. I've been abused by my father Stephen. and my whole family is bad persons. because their connected with my father and so I've been abused since I was 11 years old. My father is pretty intelligent
he knows where I am, he can find me. I didnt get hurt from him after I moved to eugene oregon.. thats where I live now I moved here since year 2000
my sister wants me to get off of my medication and im staying on the meds as long as I live. everybody just wants to take control of my life. but I am going for that.
i want to continue keep staying on my medication. I live in an apartment Im still talking to the abuser to help my life out from all the guys that want me. I need some bit of help. everyone doesnt seem to care. that much the therapist here in where I live they're not doing much. but thats all I do have a nother abuser in my life. and he helps me stay on my medication. So I am just afriaid thats all I can ssay.

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