If Daddy Only Knew

by Jordan, age 15.
(United States)

My name is Anna, and I am nine.
When I was three, I watched my mother die.
My dad wouldn't listen, he was to drunk to care.
From that day on, my "father" put me through caustic agony.
After work, he'll stay hours at the bar.
He'll stumble through the front door at about 3 am,
screaming my name in the most hatred tone.
I must tough this through, though my heart tells me no.
I enter his presence, he bombards me against the unyielding wall,
leaving me motionless, pleading him to cease.
I knew I made the faulty choice, for his eyes turned black,
and he cursed at me even more.
He kicked my head, leaving me unconscious, now he's in full control,
though he's already taken my innocence, when I, only 4 years old.
This suffering went on day by day, no one can know this tragedy I abide.
I hide the bruises, as well as I possibly can, but the scars,
they still get noticed, but I never give in.
I am not able to speak of these things, or daddy will give me a second helping, yet I have no more room. My heart is broken, along with my bones.
This life I lead, it cannot be rearranged.
The looks on his face sticks in my mind, why is he so cruel, what ever did I do? I pray every night, that daddy can just come home, sober and loving.
I ask, for just one night, free of all the pain, but then daddy arrives,
without a single hint of love in his eyes. Still, everything reoccurs, I realize it's over when I open my aching pupils the next day. I packed my things, but I did so too late, as I reached the door, my daddy was already irate. He yelled, "What are you doing!"
But before I could reply, I woke up the next morning, I was safe, I was in God's arms tonight. That night, I was murdered, daddy went past the limit. He couldn't stand me leaving, so that was it, he did it.
He slaughtered me, as he did my mother, just six years ago. Now I am sheltered, just me and mommy, up here, God won't let him touch neither of us two, safe here forever. ... If daddy had only knew.

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