by Shara
(nsw australia)


I grew up in a lonely-mixed up world,
As I got older...
I started to rebel.

So I went out parting to clubs,
under age at that.
It was there I met this man,
Who I thought that care?

As we went out on several dates...
not even once did I ever have a doubt,
as I fell in love with this man.

Only to relies now that...
there was no love there.
This man just wanted his shared!

He didn't care how he went about it,
he just help himself without my consent.

After a few long minutes,
which felt like a life time,
he threw me $20.00
as if that was enough to pay for his crime.

He made me feel like some sort of pro with no where to go,
all I could do was brake down and cry.

I carried this pain and guilt for many years.
I couldn't even tell my mother

'Cause I thought I was the blame,
not only that...
I was to ashamed.

The thing that hurts the most is...
I trusted this man.

How dare he use his hands to create such a violent experience,
to top it all off,
he walks away free as if nothing ever happen,
but I'm the one that carries the hurt, and the scars from that night!

Dedicated to a man who should have known better as I was only a child and he was much older then me, he was in a well presented job in the navey where he was well respected and of today he sails away as if nothing happen!

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