I love him anyways...

by Vanna Yim
(Long Beach, CA, USA)

I stand here tall and strong today,
for I was small and weak when I was young.
The things that father put us through made me numb.
I wasn't the only victim to his rage.
He made us all pay.
When he striked it was full force.
He was demeaning and had no remorse.
He gave us a whipping with any instruments in his view.
Oh, the mere thought of "I love you's."
I thought to myself maybe it was due to the wrong place at the wrong time.
And time and time again he beat us and would use the family last dime.
Alcohol, gambling, cheating, he did it all.
He cursed our family to fall.
His motivation, none that I see.
Now he suffers from a rare disease.
We forgive him for his stupdity.
Whether or not it was due to his new short life.
Either way he is still my father wrong or right.
Karma works in many ways and I am not proud to say that it had to be this way.
I love him anyways...

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Aug 03, 2009
by: Destinee Snuffer

This is really great. It takes a very loving and forgiving person to love their abuser even though he or she hurt them in more than one way. Will you return the favor and check out my peom Letting Go and rate it for me...and comment. Your peom is great...its an inspiration.

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