by Kasha L.

This is the man who hurt me!

This is the man who hurt me!

"Go to timeout!
YOU get eight minutes"
That's what HE says
That thing that tells me to...
Be a woman.
"Please touch me here,
If you want to be a woman you will,
It's just our little secret"
"Im scared please don't make me!!!"
Is that what every uncle is like?
Does every uncle touch their niece?
First it was my sister...
It's me.
I go to school and cry all day,
When I'm not crying I fall asleep.
It is the only place where HE can't get me.
I push away my friends,
I don't talk or sleep.
I'm always in timeout.
It scares me!
HE touches me every time.
"Let me see" HE says
"No please don't touch me there"
HE doesn't listen.
Everyday I thought of ways,
To kill him or myself,
Just to find a way to get away.
Now when I look in the mirror,
I don't see a pretty 15 year old girl.
I see a girl who molested at 8,
though the scars and proof aren't vivsible.
I should have said something!
But What? My uncle touched me?

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