helen howland

by helen howland
(gravesend kent united kingdom)

i was 5 when i was first sexually abused by my foster father i couldnt understand what was happening to me at that time it started of with him sitting me on his lap and he putting his fingers inside me while we would be watching telly.
i was also phiscally abused by foster morther every single day as i got older the abused changed to as well as bed time where he would climb into bed with me and i would have to have anal or rub him untill he climaxed then he would leave as if nothing happened.
i became very with drawn at school and i ran away loads of times but was always took back no body asked why i ran away or why i was so quite.
the abuse carried on untill i was 17 by then i was totally confused and didnt understand it was wrong what happend to me i tried to commit sucide . it wasnt untill i had my second child that i finally face up to getting help and im gratefully to my lovely doctor for been so understanding to me
but were not victims were surviours and i hope my story can help orthers

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