God of Hell

by Rebi

Do you see this hatred in my eyes
This is the result of all of your lies.
Please don’t speak of your regret
Your apology reeks of death.
I’ve lived with this for so long
Its hard to hold myself so strong.
And you look me right inside the eyes
And you spit out betrayals and lies.
How dare you speak to me like an equal
When you are the lowest thing to hell.
How dare you look at me with such disdain
When you are the one that caused so much pain.
You used me for your darkest dreams
And you ignored my silent screams.
You feel the fading beating of my heart
As my soul is torn apart.
I curse you hated God of Hell
Have you forgotten what horrors I had felt.
You made me so ignorantly unaware
So you could tempt me to your lair.
And now I look at you
And I see the truth.
I see the lowest thing to hell
And it makes me sick from the feelings that dwell.
Did I mean so little that you could justify
Did I mean so little that you could make me cry.
Did she mean so little that you could blame her
You say you’re sorry but it just reoccured.
How can you say you see such disgust
When you look into the mirror, when you look at us.
You lie and you don’t regret
I can never forgive, and I cant ever forget.
I try to forget what you did to me
I try to hide the tears that are eating at me.
But I cant, you broke me down into a puppet
One that couldn’t fight the evil serpent.
But now I am strong and Im not afraid
I know what would happen if you had stayed.
And Im ready to say what I was to scared to say
I hate you, and I want you to stay away.
I never want to see you here again
I hope you wallow in your pain.
Because from now on… you mean nothing
You mean nothing to me.

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Dec 15, 2011
by: Minda

this was amazing. i can relate to it in so many ways..keep ur head up n keep writing!! it helps or so i have found.

Nov 05, 2010
by: torah nevayaktewa

this made me cry i just dont understand how anyone caould treat a gorgeous human being this way keep your head up hon. youre so strong for sharing this with everyone it takes a lot for someone to tell you something their life.

Jun 09, 2010
God of Hell
by: Anonymous

So much emotion it's so painful to read. My heart goes out to you...nobody should be treated so wrong.

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