flower minded

by cherie
(corvallis or usa)



I am bruising
delicate beings such as Myself are ill prepared for
You’ve picked me
out of the crowd because I am, I was
I’ve been severed
from my roots, taken from family
My color fades
As I stand perfectly still practicing death with
Soon I’ll wither
And wrinkle from the stresses watching my beauty
I envy Ugly,
it never is stolen and never loses

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Nov 29, 2009
by: vee

My therapist once told me that you must pull the weeds in your life to plant the flowers.

Your poem reminds me of this.

We suffered at the hands of others. We lost part of ourselves because of this abuse, We 'withered'!...AND pulled those weeds of abuse!

Please remember as a plant who has been given harsh treatment..it only grows stronger!

We learn to become stronger, we mend our wounds as we tend to them. The poetry and writings are a great way to tend and mend those wounds!

We learn to find our inner strength and courage...and beauty!

We are survivors and for this we can over come most hardships!

Be Strong! Be Beautiful!

I know that you already are! I can read it in your poem! ;)

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