by L.S.

To take your dirty desires
and make it reality
How can you light those fires
Did you think of the finality?

Did you think it was okay
to take away my life
Did you ever stop and pray
Oh god, take me to my wife!

I was your innocent daughter
sleeping peacefully in my bed
that night you took me to slaughter
leaving me for dead

You chose to defile me
to take my soul away
everything I wanted to be
you...led me astray

The choice that you made
to ignore my very cry
I thought you were saved
Oh God, I want to die!

I'm so sorry Lacy
he said with remorse
Now don't tell your mother
it will cause a divorce

He walked from my side
his head down in shame
I lay there and cried
what was my name?

From that very minute
I would never be the same
My life had been diluted
I would never have a flame

It continued to recur
for too many years
My defense, to transfer
so things weren't as they appear

I left home
as soon as I could
I would just roam
professing always, "I'm good"

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