Few, Far and beyond

by Mikki

I don't believe the things I have done
And all the times you thought you won
The things that happened make me sick
And most of all...your a prick

The sadness burns and boils inside
But the tears and words I have to hide
The thoughts they made my life a strain
And you made it happen again and again

You took me to a lonley part of town
You then did the things that made me frown
I had to pretend and say im alright
But now even looking at you gives me a fright

You stood there and had a grope
As the sickness rose in my throat
You drag my hand and put it on your c**k
I couldnt even cry through shock.

You pushed me around and felt between my legs
I tried to scream but just silent begs
"Go Away, Stop Doing That"
But you never cared, You gave my bum a pat

You carried on until you were done
Oh my gosh you thought you won
The sad thing is you did win though
Look at the little part of myself that i can show

A broken life a shattered heart
You tore my whole life apart
I have to see you everyday
I pretend to smile and say im okay

Just know you shattered what I thought I could be
But now all i want is too be free
The thoughts and the terror will stay close by
And your sick games is the reason why

I try to tell myself nothing happened theat time
Im busy trying to make my life shine
I dont like it when its us two together
Because another miiute I cant endevour

I cant believe the way you treat your mate
You are now an idiot, thats no debate
So do me a favour go to another place,
Behind locked cages because your a waste

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