Drowned Innocence

by marsha
(appleton wi)

He's got her around the neck,
her body tainted and torn.
He draws her near so can
see her frightened eyes be scorned.
He's got her in the bath tub,
naked there she sits.
As he reaches acrosss the
water to see if hi body fits.
Now she wishes she didn't have
to feel this way
she wishes she didin't
have to feel this way.
Here, her tender little body
lay still in the tub.
As he makes his way through the water ,
trickleing her numb.
Has his flesh meet hers,
he posses his reflex.
Now she pools in terror
in what may happpen next.
How painfully it bleeds,
and sharp pain emends.
As she watches his body rock
in cold rythmatic trends.
Cold water splashes against her skin.
Each time it feels he sinks deeper within.
She thought it was worse
then when his hands are in her pants.
at least it more sudden then
daddies first glance.
At least it's more suddden:
His eyes light up more when I feel

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Sep 15, 2009
how real is your pain
by: vee

I can feel your pain and saddness roll right off the page. It is good to write about it...release it ...let it go...and then heal.

Thank you for having the courage to share your writing and experience with others. You will open many other hearts with your words. We all have these wounds to heal.

I send you hugs of comfort and prayers for your heart to mend.

Keep up the hard work of healing..you are worth it.

YOU are beautiful! You can become whole once again...whole and free!

hugs to you!

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