Childhood Taken

by Judy klarr
(Marble Falls Texas)

I Stand in a room with unfamiliar faces, no one noticed me her alone.
From the middle of the room comes a small child walking in the shadows.
I look down at her tiny feet covered with dirt, her body bruised.
You can see the pain from the outside.
Her body tells of a terrible life so far.
How could someone take the soul of a child as if it was their own?
You give life, but who gives you the power to take the away?
I move my eyes towards the child's face, I see but a blur,
No features, No eyes, how could this be?
I walk over to her, as I reach out , she is gone.
I look around the room I am alone and the room is empty.
I wonder to myself where the people have gone.
I turn around and I see again the child, This time I can see her face,
As I get closer My own face appears, but how can this be??
My own inner child feeling the pain from within.
The twinkle long gone from my childhood,
The carefree childhood I never had , only the pain afflicted.
Childhood Taken.
By Judy L. KLarr

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